Android – 10 Week Challenge


Android – 10 Week Challenge


The Ultimate Body Transformation (UBT) is a 10-week Challenge that is the fastest way to change your current body into the body you have always wanted. The programme takes a proven approach to diet and exercise and can be scaled up or down to suit people of all fitness levels.

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Product Description

STEP 1: UBT Registration Form

Before you can begin the UBT challenge you need to fill out our UBT Registration Form


STEP 2: Ultimate Body Transformation App – $99 UBT Program Download

Following this you need to download and pay for the UBT App from the Apple or Google Play stores. The UBT App includes everything you need to do the challenge. If you have any issues downloading the App or are unsure of anything then please email


STEP 3: Ultimate Body Trainer or Own Trainer


If you choose to do the challenge with an Ultimate Body Trainer at one of our Ultimate Body Gyms in Auckland then everything is taken care of for you! Just ensure you Register and download the UBT App and we will be in touch the week before the challenge starts with further details.

*Price includes full gym membership

*Our corporate rate is $85 per person per week (at least 3 or more people from the same workplace)


Be your own trainer and do the challenge yourself using the UBT App or use your own trainer at your current gym. There is no additional cost after your $99 purchase for the UBT Program if you are doing the challenge by yourself. If you are looking to do the challenge by yourself in Auckland and don’t have a current gym you can join either of our Ultimate Body Gyms in Auckland for just $15 per week and help us guide you along the way. This $15 option also includes the Friday Ultimate Conditioning class.

*The UBT App has a news feed for constant updates and a private chat with trainers and physiotherapists to help you along the way

PLEASE NOTE: You can start the UBT challenge at any stage with or without a trainer BUT you will not be eligible to win the Ultimate Bali Escape worth $2,999

Eligibility to win an Ultimate Bali Escape worth $2999

To be eligible to win our major prize, you must complete a full UBT 10 week challenge. One champion from each of our four (4) Rounds per year will win. You can see who is leading during the challenge via the “Leaderboard” in the Side Menu of our UBT App.

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