What Is The Ultimate Body Transformation?

The Ultimate Body Transformation (UBT) is New Zealand’s Premium Body Transformation program. We have helped coach hundreds of New Zealander's to achieve amazing results changing their body and life in only 10 weeks. UBT is the fastest way to change your current body into the body you have always wanted. In as little as 10 weeks you can literally transform your physique to a level you never thought possible! The program takes a proven approach to training and nutrition – with ultimate results! It is also about the growth and goodness we can all experience when we harness our untapped potential to change – to move forward and improve all aspects of our lives.

Simon Vissers – 2014 Winner of $10,000

I guess the first step in identifying your inner transformation is to understand what it really is and means. To me, inn...

Chloe Davis – 2015 Runner Up

Wow, The ultimate body transformation, exactly what it has been for me! I first heard of the programme a few years back...

Craig Campbell – 2015 Runner Up

I started this challenge because I am about to turn 40 in January and for as long as I can remember I have yo-yoed in an...

Brianna Rutherford – 2015 Top 10 Placing

It’s not called the Ultimate Body Challenge for nothing. It definitely is a challenge not only physically but also men...

How does it work?

Our aim is to make UBT a challenge that can be completed by people of all fitness levels and is affordable to as many people as possible. To do this we have come up with two different options below.


You can do the challenge with an Ultimate Body Trainer

Ultimate Body Trainers understand the challenge and the Ultimate training system and have the expert knowledge to help deliver results. If you sign up with an Ultimate Body Trainer for $99 per week for 10 weeks you will get two personal training sessions per week. These sessions are generally at a time that suits you on a Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday you need to do a 6km run or 45 min of cardio in your own time. Thursday is our Ultimate 300 group session, this is a tough 20min functional benchmark workout each week. Times are usually 5am, 7am, 4:30pm and 6:30pm. Friday is our famous Ultimate Conditioning 40min fat burning workout at either 5am or 6pm. This functional fitness circuit is the hardest session each week and will challenge you both physically and mentally but the results will far outweigh the pain. Weekends are generally yours to rest and recover from the weights but cardio must be done six out of seven days per week. Our UBT Muscle Building schedule includes a bigger weight training split. Your $99 per week also covers your gym membership

Additionally, the team from InBody NZ will meet with you fortnightly to scan and discuss your progress. Your trainer can help make any changes to your training and/or nutrition and will guide, support and push you to your limits at each and every session!

**Note: for assistance or questions regarding doing the challenge with an Ultimate Body Trainer email Dene directly at dene@ultimatebody.co.nz


Be your own trainer and follow our UBT challenge online, follow our UBT and give the challenge a go by yourself. Choose to do our famous and reputable UBT Challenge at your own gym or try our UBT Home version (minimal equipment needed). We are more than happy to discuss any aspect of the programme with you. Feel free to email Dene directly at dene@ultimatebody.co.nz for 24/7 assistance. Start your online journey here > https://getstarted.ultimatebody.co.nz/

How Much Does It Cost?

*Note: This excludes any training costs to your Ultimate Body Trainer or your gym

Happy Members

Kind words from some of our successful clients
  • Having participated in plenty of sport in the past, it is great to be back in shape. I know that with the principals I have adopted from the Program and touching base with the commitment needed to achieve my goals I now have a lifestyle rather than a diet and exercise regime.

    Joe Chee

  • The Ultimate Body Transformation has been the most enjoyable and challenging ten weeks I have experienced in a long time! With the help of Jon, I achieved outstanding results in such a short period of time and established an addiction to exercise that I didn’t think I would ever have!

    Jono Benton

  • Yes I have lost weight and yes I look good. But I have also gained a passion for helping people who are like me. I am now training to be a PT trainer and hey u never know I could even be a UBT trainer rep here in Gisborne. So, thank you to the team at UBT, you have given me back my life

    Perak Smith

  • I’m proud that my children know the benefit of exercise and I’m the role model of that for them. I’m also proud to have inspired others around me to take hold of their fitness and weight loss goals and it’s been great to see two of my friends now complete the programme with great results.

    Rebecca Wilson

  • I will definitely recommend it to everyone and I cannot wait to start my second Ultimate Body Transformation Challenge. I thank you all from the UBT Team, was an awesome experience.

    Roberta Lima

  • I challenge everyone to enter the Ultimate Body Transformation. It's truly life changing! I guarantee that anyone who follows the UBT Program will succeed.

    Warren Norris

Ultimate Body Transformation

Health and Wellness Challenge with Proven Training and Nutrition Guidelines

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