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Your $99 Entry Fee

Before you can begin the Ultimate challenge your $99 entry fee needs to be paid in full. We recommend paying at least five (3) days prior to your start date. To avoid the possibility of not having your journal on your start date we recommend paying sooner rather than later. A PDF version of the journal is also available upon receipt of your $99 entry fee.

Ultimate Success Journals (USJ)

Included in your $99 entry fee is a success journal which includes your starter nutrition plan and the Ultimate training system. This is where you will record your pre-screen, including physical benchmarks and on-going progress. Your journal also includes the Ultimate workout for each day, a nutrition log and motivational pictures and quotes to help you along the way. This will be posted to you or given to you at your pre-screen the weekend before you start upon receiving payment of your $99 entry fee. If payment has been made and you still do not have your USJ before your start date then email and we can send you a PDF version of the journal so you can still get prepared.

Ultimate Trainer

If you have selected to have an Ultimate Trainer you need to ensure you have specified the name of the trainer you wish to train with on your registration form so we can correctly allocate a trainer to you. Cost of an Ultimate trainer is $99 per week for 10 weeks. This includes four sessions per week as per the Ultimate training system and fortnightly progress checks to ensure you are getting the desired results.

Ultimate Gym

If you have selected to do the challenge on your own at our Ultimate Gym then it is essential that you have a thorough understanding of this programme before you begin to maximise your chance of getting Ultimate results. We are more than happy to discuss any aspect of this programme with you. Feel free to email Dene directly at for 24/7 assistance.

Eligibility to win the major NZD$1,000 cash prize

To be eligible to win our major cash prize, please ensure you have read and understood our Official Rules & Regulations click here

Final 48 hour Preparation

48 hours out from your official start date of the challenge you will be sent a detailed email along with a "unique code" that needs to be held up in your before photos. This is also where you need to take the time to complete your physical benchmarks under the pre-exercise health questionnaire at the beginning of your USJ. You will need to get an Ultimate Body Trainer or your own trainer to help you do your physical benchmarks and before photos. If you have selected to do the challenge with an Ultimate Body Trainer then all of this will be taken care of. If you are doing the challenge on your own then you need to get your own trainer to do this. To officially enter the challenge and have a chance at winning the cash prize we need to receive your "before" photos (emailed to no later than 10pm on your official start date.

If you have any questions about anything detailed in this email please do not hesitate to contact us